A modern fable unravelling before our eyes. a slow process, a reversal of fortune; direly needed, highly contested, and inevitable. These are their stories. Written by individuals struggling to find their place in the ranks of society; they interpret and pursue our dreams. Led by vivid hallucinations beyond the scope of vision, they find precision through reason and intuition, passion in friendship, strength in inspiration. They log connections and study the hidden elegance within. Awareness is the key to their success; without it there can be no fullfillment, no joy, no sorrow, no laughter, no pain. Openness is their rallying cry, driving purpose, sacred feeling, noble idea, favorite word, desired perception, hidden intuition, subconscious integration, final goal and inevitable destination. They are the innovators of this world, ahead of their time, misunderstood. Too lost in their own to be heard. Quirky collectors of ephemeral history, seekers of hidden truths, closet mystics; lost in incomplete interpretations of the divine, standing alone in the eyes of their maker. They are spelunkers, exploring obscurity to it's deepest levels, to bring completion to the profit of everything. They are the farmers sowing the seeds of the future, tending to the sprouting shoots of beauty with love and tenderness. They are rogue nodes enraptured by the idea of freedom, but not at any cost.

Blessed are the geek, for they shall inherit the earth.